Obama’s Arab Spring: Al-Qaeda Flag Flies Above U.S. Embassies; Egypt Succumbs To Muslim Brotherhood; Iran Nears Nuclear Weapons; Syria Preparing Chemical Weapons

The reelection of Barack Obama was the single greatest guarantee that Antichrist would appear.

If you voted for Barack Obama, you voted for Antichrist to come.  And you will very likely worship him and take his mark when he arrives now that you have made his coming a certainty.

I remember when Democrats were demagoguing George W. Bush and saying that Bush set the Islamic world on fire.  No, he didn’t.  The al-Qaeda flag had never flown over a burned-out American embassy, let alone flown on American soil over FOUR U.S. embassies as it now has in Egypt, in Libya, in Tunisia and in Yemen.  Egypt – the heart of the Arab world – was a strong, stable ally of the United States and Israel prior to the Obama regime.  Iran was working on its nuclear weapons program, but only because Democrats were morally depraved fools who were blocking Bush’s efforts to deal with a crisis before it engulfed the world in Armageddon.  And Syria wasn’t mixing chemical weapons.

Oh, and a dictator over the heart of the Arab world wasn’t installing himself as entirely above the law while imposing a fascist sharia law Constitution on said “heart of the Arab world.”

Yes, now Syria IS mixing weapons and preparing the capability of launching chemical weapons (a lot of which they got from Saddam Hussein via Iraq, fwiw).  You’ve simply got to be beyond insane to believe that things were worse across the Arab world under Bush.  It is nothing more than a doctrine of your frankly bizarre religious liberal fanaticism.

In the Pax Obama, the state of affairs is defined by two things: growing chaos and the massively growing influence of Islamist radicalism and terrorism. You voted for those things, too, for what it’s worth.

I have repeatedly stated that Barack Obama is NOT the Antichrist; because the Antichrist will come from the people who destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple (see Daniel 9:27) – and it was the ROMANS who did that back in 70 AD.  And the last time I checked, Barack Obama was not a Roman or in any way related to the Roman world.

Obama is not the Antichrist; he is merely one of the many false christs whom Jesus said would come in the last days:

Jesus answered: “Watch out that no one deceives you.  For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many (Matthew 24:4-5)

He replied: “Watch out that you are not deceived. For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am he,’ and, ‘The time is near.’ Do not follow them (Luke 21:8)

Obama’s followers in the mainstream media have crowned him with the halo of righteousness and messiahship:

Obama with halo

Obama with halo2

This most wicked president who ever cursed America has – rather like al Qaeda – planted his OWN flag over America:

Who IS Obama?  He’s “black Jesus,” according to those who carried him to power.

And they say that in Obama, “prophecy is fulfilled.”

Because Barack Hussein Obama is the messiah of Democrat Party, and the ONLY messiah with whom they will have to do.  Barack Obama represented the moment when every single Democrat chose to side with the devil.

They have proclaimed him as their messiah and they will go up into heaven or – and here’s where they WILL go – down into hell with him.

At the core of every liberal beats the heart of a fascist.  It is in their soul to want to create a giant mega-state and then worship their Führer, or their Dear Leader, or their Chairman Mao, or their “Red GodJoseph Stalin.  They erect a government as God – and then they proceed to worship the dictator of their government as God.  Because to them he clearly IS God.

You have to wonder how a man who has presided over such astounding and staggering failure at every level and at every turn can be so worshiped.  Obama’s economy is a shambles.  What did he do the last four years?  He spent them blaming Bush.  And as he slams the Republicans who control the House of Representatives with absurd demands (such as: DOUBLING his demand of an $800 billion tax hike to a $1.6 trillion tax hike; demanding the ability to be able to hike the debt ceiling as his regime requires; changing the Senate rules to allow what previous Democrats came absolutely unglued over and crush the minority), you already see how he will explain his next four years of catastrophic economic failure: by blaming the Republicans.  Because if he doesn’t get all this the Republicans are to blame for rebelling against his fascist-dictator takeover of the government.  Meanwhile, the Middle East and the world are melting down all around America as we prepare for the war of Gog and Magog and finally Armageddon.  Directly because of what Obama has already done in just his first four years.

As we face the increasingly real prospect of going over the fiscal cliff and creating a new recession which may lead to the catastrophic depression I see coming, we do NOT have two parties realizing a national crisis and striving to come together for the good of the people; we see the lowest kind of political posturing and demagoguing.  And no one – NO ONE – is doing that more than Barack Obama.  Obama has successfully divided America more than it has ever been divided since the Civil War; and now he is trying to “break the Republican Party” even as he falsely campaigns himself as some messianic unifier.  And that level of deception is satanic in origin and demonic in result.

Just as Obama has wildly failed in everything but deceiving and demonizing, so also will the true Antichrist wildly fail – but still be worshiped by a people whose souls are owned by Satan.  You see that throughout the Book of Revelation; the worse things get, the more the people cling to their false messiah while shaking their fists in hate at the Real Messiah Jesus Christ.

And here’s the answer that is also the harbinger of the true Antichrist who is to come: it is the nature of antichrist to deceive with false words, just as Obama has so successfully done.  Only the unrighteous will believe these deceivers, but when a nation turns the corner of wickedness that will assure the antichrist leader of political domination.

The coming Antichrist will have the demonic wisdom to twist and distort words and tie the truth up in knots to the degree that no one will be able to know the truth after hearing his words.  He will be such a master of words that he will be able to deceive not merely millions but billions.  Where Jesus told us the Truth, the spirit of Antichrist is always to lie and tie the truth up in deceptive knots.

We have already received a picture of what is to come in the lies and slanders and deceptions of the false christ Obama; the true Antichrist to come will be able to lie and slander and twist truth on a completely different level, but ultimately it will be more of the same that we have already seen in the false christs whom liberals/socialists have already worshiped before.

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9 Responses to “Obama’s Arab Spring: Al-Qaeda Flag Flies Above U.S. Embassies; Egypt Succumbs To Muslim Brotherhood; Iran Nears Nuclear Weapons; Syria Preparing Chemical Weapons”

  1. Dog Walker Says:


    Mr Eden, That is depressing. I am sitting here, my left hand is praying for the return of Jesus in my lifetime. My right hand is telling me that I should just drink my way on out of here. I wonder if Jesus would recognize me if I did that.

    I liked hearing about your workout the other day. Sometimes I take comfort in my health and remaining physical capacity. I am better off than most people my age. So heck, no sense in drinking like a pig when I can still climb mountains. However, my right hand is my dominant hand. My left is winning just now though.

    You do the bench presses. I do the girly man exercise in the spin studio. Don’t let me tell you what them women in tights look like in there. Never mind that. I turned 60 last Sunday. I can still throw down 2400 calorie workouts. That means I am still competitive with 30 and 40 year old … athletes. This winter I train 3 or 4 days a week. This summer I race bicycles up mountains.

    Sorry to go so far off topic. I don’t mean to diminish the importance of the topic you are on. And as always, I read everything you write.


  2. Michael Eden Says:

    I can still throw down 2400 calorie workouts.

    Dog Walker,

    I can still eat 2400 calorie lunches. I don’t think I’d fare quite as well trying to work off said lunch in one workout session.

    Couple of things come to mind: one is that we’re all wired a little different in the sense that we all have unique self images of ourselves and what we want to look like and be like. In my case, it’s definitely a powerfully-built man. I have never looked at myself in the mirror and seen a Tour de France cycler looking back. And of course its the same in reverse for cyclists looking at themselves in the mirror and somehow not seeing a gigantic powerlifter looking back. It takes all kinds to make up a world, as they say. And all I can say is “be what you are.”

    Ultimately, I just want to be in good physical condition; and I do that which most turns my crank. EVERYBODY should exercise in the manner that helps them reach their “identify” goals.

    The second thing is it’s kind of interesting that you mention a 2400 calorie workout. I didn’t spend very much time researching it, but a few months ago I was interested in how many calories hard weight training burned. You know what: it turns out not very much; certainly not anywhere in the ball park of a lot of other things such as cycling. And of course in a way it’s kind of surprising given how grueling repeatedly lifting a heavy weight to near-failure over and over again can be. That said, there’s a sort of paradox created because no physique burns more calories just “idling” than that of a large-muscled weightlifter. Which is to say that weightlifting doesn’t “burn calories” during an individual workout session, but it significantly increases your metabolic rate because muscle burns more calories and more muscles mean higher metabolism.

    Which is why most exercise experts say that people should do both: a weight training workout AND a calorie-intensive exercise such as cycling. I lift weights, take daily hikes and ride and exercise bike. It sounds like you’ve got your way of doing both, too.

    As for the part about Jesus’ return and how we should whilst away our time before it happens, I’d say tuning out – or rather than tuning into yourself and responding to no other frequencey through drugs – never tends to produce good fruit. We ought to live productive lives recognizing that a time is soon coming when we will be held accountable for our lives and live accordingly. In particular, as a Christian who is beginning to at least TRY to transition away from politics and toward my Bible, I don’t need to fear or become anxious as I see the world collapsing exactly the way the Bible said it would, because it merely reinforces other things the Bible describes (such as the Rapture in which Christ will soon transform the terminal generation of Christians bodily before calling them into heaven). In a way, given all the many things that are happening in these “last days” that match what my Bible tells me about this last days world, it’s EXCITING to be a Christian today. Christians get to witness the Bible coming alive in a way that no generation of Christians has seen SINCE Christ’s earthly life.

    That said, I just spent basically five years blogging trying to fight what I saw coming. And all along I prayed, “If this is Your time to deal with the human race, so let it be.” Because while I fought to keep the beast from coming I also knew all along that one day the beast was going to come. My feeling is one of “disgust” more than “depression.” Because Americans are now going along with pretty much the rest of the planet and doing everything they possibly can to race toward their own damnation. The stupidity, the ignorance, the apathy and the selfishness of modern culture all disgust me; and it was stupidity, ignorance, apathy and selfishness that got us another four years of Obama.

  3. FMC Says:

    Interesting conversation regarding fitness….. I began lifting weights in Jr. high school. I was relatively small for my age back then and gravitated towards the weights after being bullied a few times. When I entered high school, I began playing football and continued with the weights. Between football and baseball seasons, I would train with the weights and compete on the school’s power lifting team. I had always dreamed of playing college football but those dreams never really materialized, even though I was all-conference both my junior and senior years.

    After high school, I continued with the weights and up til I was nearly 30, I could usually bench more than double my body weight. The most I weighed then was 170, but I could bench over 350, squat nearly 500 and deadlift the same. Recently, I just turned 39, and although I would have to admit that I am not nearly in that good of shape, I still can put up some pounds. Around 3-months-ago, I decided that I needed to get back in shape, that I needed to get a routine going, because I was getting soft and age was catching up with me. Right now I can bench 305, but my squat and deadlift really need some work, as they are really not anywhere close to what they use to be. In the Spring, I will add running to the regimen. Currently, I am feeling really good, though!

    When I was younger, I lifted to become bigger, stronger in an attempt to overcome feelings of being inadequate or somehow inferior, as I didn’t have the best home life. Now, I lift to just try and maintain my virility, health, strength, and youth(ha, ha). Although this is ultimately a loosing battle, as time catches up with everyone.

    I believe that the body is the temple of the Holy Ghost and we are to take care of it. For me, eating healthy and lifting are some of the ways that I do it. I don’t want to sound like some kook, but I don’t intend to become dependent on pharmaceuticals or government-run healthcare. I intend to take responsibility for my own health and, besides, these are the last days and God needs strong men, both spiritually and physically.

  4. Dog Walker Says:

    Heh, heh, heh,

    Here it is dude. I got my cardiologist to sponsor me on a bike race that has got a finish at 14,100 feet more or less. I think him and his buddies have got side bets on whether or not I will finish or cough up a valve.

    My wife is a devout Christian. I could say a lot about that. Sometimes I think that God protects me because of my love for her and her love for me. Ack, that is silly. But here it is. My sense of God’s love has a lot to do with her love. I don’t know how to say it. I would only ever attempt the expression anonymously on a damn blog. Christian women make the best lovers… because they come with God’s love. In a week or so is our anniversary. So I can tell you how despondent I get, and all about my fantasies of civil war, but the bottom line is, God gave me a sweet wife, and I feel His love through her every day. He (upper case) invented the love that she loves me with. Dang!

  5. Michael Eden Says:


    I got into weightlifting at age 15 with high school football. I lifted hard/heavy until I graduated. Took it up again after getting out of the Army (and needed to rehab the parts of me that the Army broke). Really got into it.

    But having a life and being a gym ape are not always compatible. Got out of it until recently.

    It’s kind of funny: I’ve been working out about 3 months now, same as you.

    Babying trick shoulder means no low reps of pretty much anything. Doing sets of twelve; on bench press I’m doing sets of 16. I could put it this way: I’m strong enough to find the weak link in that shoulder and seriously mess my training up. Also can’t do squats or dead lifts (which means I can “kind of” do 1 out of 3 of the best exercises to build strength).

    That said, it is frankly amazing to me how quickly I “came back” in terms of my old strength. I’ll never be able to lift the way I did as a young man, but I’m getting 285 for 16 reps times three sets – and that aint bad for a busted up old dog. It turns out that muscles have a memory and can remember what they used to do. Because I would say that my strength came back as an old dog faster than I was able to build it up in the first place as a young man.

    My heaviest bench was 415 at 235 lbs (it gets harder to “double” your weight the heavier you are, which is why those dang ants bench press fifty times their own weight with your picnic lunch). After I messed my shoulder up I quit doing maxes and low reps and just did 3 sets of 12 with 315 to “maintain.” But that was going on 20 years ago! And I let myself get REALLY out of shape. I never thought I’d ever be anywhere near 300 lbs for high reps three months ago when just getting up 135 for 12 reps was hard and left me sore for three days. I’m ecstatic with where I’m at and now I just don’t want to break or damage any body parts that I might need later.

  6. Michael Eden Says:

    Dog Walker,

    I’ve led several husbands to Christ in hospital beds because they wanted to go to heaven so they could be with their wives if/when they passed on. They believed in Jesus, but ultimately “heaven” for them boiled down to the place that their godly wives would be. It wasn’t that they’d never believed in their hearts; it was that they needed that “trigger.” And God heard those prayers.

    I think God has a special place in His heart for the prayers of mothers and wives who intercede for their husbands and kids (i.e., “their boys”).

    God created us male and female and ordained marriage. And, yes, because we bear His image, we as human beings are uniquely relational and intimate with our spouses and our children. And God further taught us how to live together in the closest bonds of man and wife. Because His ways work. And finally, I believe that God places the most important people in the path of those who will ultimately call on His name as Savior.

  7. Dog Walker Says:

    I used to be a smoker. Don’t know if any of you guys were ever afflicted with that. The affliction is kind of rare among Christians. I finally quit in like ’02. For some years prior I had been attempting the quit but always succumbed to the restlessness or anxiety of the withdrawal. I don’t exactly remember quitting, but the urge one day was just gone. I don’t remember if it was my prayer or my wife’s prayer but the urge was just gone. Maybe it was early onset Alzheimer’s and I forgot that I was a smoker. I shouldn’t joke about that. It was God. After that I decided that I wanted to recover my heart and lungs. I think I have.

    I think it was Mr. Eden that mentioned strapping on a 100 or 120 pounds of ruck in some past article. Here I am thinking that I am hot stuff strapping on like 60 pounds or so. But I love to do that and carry it 5 or 6 miles from the road, set me up a camp, then just take off with food, rain gear and water in the morning.

    I don’t know if quitting smoking and recovering my body is really the stuff of miracle. So I won’t say that. But I will say it was a pretty darn good present from God. Some people say blessing but I tend to think that word is a bit overused.

  8. Michael Eden Says:

    Dog Walker,

    Actually, during the years I was well and truly “backslid” I got into smoking myself. I tried to quit three times: once for six months and twice for three months by sheer willpower – but then I’d see somebody smoking in the other lane six cars back from me on my way to work, and I’d lust for a cigarette.

    When I rededicated my life to Christ, it didn’t take long before my smoking came before me as an issue that I had to deal with. It came in the form of a visceral mental image of me telling somebody that Jesus was the answer to all my needs while smoking a cigarette. And the contradiction TO ME was so powerful that I resolved to quit. I tapered off, having one less cig every day until I ran out of cigs. And that was that. Not only have I never smoked again, but I get nauseous at the smell of somebody smoking anywhere around me and will walk quite a bit out of my way to avoid smokers.

    I’d call it a miracle. Given my previous three attempts and given how hard it is – or at least was before these new anti-smoker drugs – I’d call my own recovery a miracle.

  9. Dog Walker Says:

    I gotta cut loose from alcohol. I keep telling myself that I don’t drink all that much and that I am otherwise healthy. But, I can easily see myself dedicating myself to it as I did some years ago. A guy my age and with my compulsive inclinations can drink himself all the way down in no time.

    ‘Course it is coming up on Christmas now. Last night some friends drug me and my wife out to the City’s ceremony of lighting the big tree. There were some carolers there on a remote corner of the Old Town. They were like a church choir. I don’t know what kind of church they were from. The women and girls all wore long plain dresses and these little hats or bonnets that were unadorned and plain. They sang some Christmas songs Silent Night etc. They sang the songs that over the years I got to thinking were pretty mundane. But they sang like a choir that had been practicing all of their lives. They sang without accompaniment and they sang as though they sang without accompaniment all of their lives. In addition to Christmas songs they sang old archetypal hymns. Their voices were like the multiple voices of an orchestra. It was beautiful. My mind wandered down that tangent of “a present from God.” I wondered what church those people were from. I got the impression that these plain and simple people were as real and genuine as it gets. They were nothing like the $200,000 Led Zeppelin stage church. I can kind of relate to those carolers and I don’t know a whole heck of a lot about them. I think I heard them worshiping God though.

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