Three Black Thugs Viciously Beat White Boy: Where’s Obama And Sharpton And All The Race-Slandering Demagogues Now?

Where are you, Hussein Obama?

Where’s your prepared remarks stating that if you had a son, he’d look just like those thugs beating on that poor white boy the way you pimped Trayvon Martin?

Where’s the liberal mainstream media?  Why aren’t they deliberately darkening the skin of those black thugs to make them appear even more black the way they lightened George Zimmerman’s skin to make him look like a “white Hispanic” so they could demonize him with their propaganda???

Now that these violent punks have been basically sentenced to NINE MONTHS OF PROBATION, rather than punished for their racist beatdown, where are all the leftist mobs screaming in rage over the absence of justice in America?

Where are you coward liberals?

Come on, crawl out of your filthy little nests and speak out about the REAL race hatred sinking America.  I mean, talk about yourselves.

The black homicide rate is TEN TIMES that of whites and Hispanics (that accounts for BOTH sides of George Zimmerman’s heritage, fwiw) combined.  But that doesn’t have anything to do with anything because liberals are pathologically dishonest, demon-possessed hypocrites without shame, without honor and without integrity.  They refuse to address the real issues facing race in America because it undercuts everything that liberalism stands for – and they won’t have that no matter who gets hurt or how many get murdered in the process.

Here’s another question: where are all the white conservative mobs beating people up and vandalizing businesses as just happened among liberal mobs over the George Zimmerman verdict?  If the verdict had gone the other way, were the police terrified of violent white mobs the way they reasonably feared violent black mobs?  And would journalists have been terrified of all the beatings they’d get if Zimmerman had been convicted???  Oh, yeah, that’s right; white conservatives are decent, law-abiding people contrary to Hussein Obama’s demagogic and racist and hateful statement that they are “bitter haters clinging to their guns and their religion and their racist antipathy for people who aren’t exactly like them.  Which is why we wouldn’t take to the streets as violent flash mobs the way we didn’t take to the streets when a black jury found O.J. Simpson not guilty in spite of the fact that he viciously murdered two white people.

We’ve got a new “racist” situation now, involving police who shot and killed a 14-year old black kid:

A 14-year-old boy who police said was armed with a handgun and had fired at another man was fatally shot by a New York City police officer in the Bronx on Sunday morning, authorities said.

Shaaliver Douse was shot in the jaw by a rookie police officer from about 40 feet away after refusing to drop his gun at about 3 a.m. Sunday on East 151st Street and Courtlandt Avenue, authorities said. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The officers—a 26-year-old white officer and a 27-year-old black officer—were patrolling less than a block away when they heard shots fired, police said. Mr. Douse turned the corner from Courtlandt Avenue and was chasing another man down the middle of the street westbound on East 151st Street and had fired at least three shots at the man when police arrived, authorities said.

A 14-year-old boy, who police said was armed with a handgun and had fired at another man, was fatally shot by a New York City police officer in the Bronx on Sunday morning. Surveillance video provided by NYPD.

Police said the boy then turned the trajectory of the gun more toward the officers and fired a shot. The younger, white officer fired one shot, police said.


Surveillance footage released by police on Sunday showed a young person who authorities said was Mr. Douse, dressed in a white T-shirt and blue jeans. The person pulls out a handgun and appears to fire at a man standing outside a bodega. A chase ensues that police said led to Mr. Douse’s confrontation with the officers

Police haven’t identified the man Mr. Douse allegedly chased.

A 9mm semiautomatic handgun was recovered at the scene. Police said Mr. Douse has several prior arrests, including one for the attempted murder of a 15-year-old in May and one for bringing a weapon to school last year. Prosecution was deferred in the attempted murder charge because the witness couldn’t identify a shooter, said Steven Reed, a spokesman for the Bronx district attorney’s office.

And all he did was brandish a gun and SHOOT AT POLICE with that gun.  But never mind, that delinquent kid’s delinquent mother believes the police should have died instead, and that returning fire to save their own lives let alone defend the public from another violent and vile thug is wrong.

Another relevant quote:

“That was my sister’s only baby,” Quwana Barcene said. “I’m tired of the police getting away with murder.”

Yeah, I’m pretty damn tired too, Quwana.  Only I’m tired of all the sheer lunatic moral idiocy and the abject refusal of a group of people to EVER accept ANY accountability for ANYTHING they do.

Meanwhile, Oprah is alleging she was the victim of racism because she wasn’t allowed to look at the $40,000 purse she wanted to buy.  I mean, if she’d been a white bag lady, they would have let her put her filthy hands on that obscenely expensive purse, of course.

Hey, for what it’s worth, I agree with Oprah.  Hey, Democrats, let’s NOT be just like Europe, after all; Oprah says they’re racists over there.  The fact that they’re rabid socialists who once literally started a world war over whether the world ought to be fascist national socialist or communist international socialist being entirely besides the point.

Mind you, we’re now learning that in all likelihood, Oprah significantly altered her “story” in order to demagogue racist allegations, much the way the movie she is trying to pimp significantly alters actual history to do the same damn thing by racially sliming Ronald Reagan.

And if the three black thugs beating the white boy on a school bus wasn’t “racist” enough in its hate for you, how about the attack where two black kids decided to murder a white kid “just for the fun of it”???  Note that the white kid who was arrested merely drove the vehicle carrying the two black murderers.  Again, where ARE you, Obama?  Why aren’t you telling America that one of these two murderous thugs would have looked just like your son?  Where ARE you, Al Sharpton?  Where’s that racist bigotry of yours now?

George Zimmerman never said ANYTHING hateful about white people and liberals invented the brand-new category of “white Hispanic” while they slandered him as a race-murderer.  Now we’ve got a black thug who murdered a young white man openly tweeting,

“90% of white ppl are nasty. #HATE THEM.”

And just to make sure that there is a clear and obvious connection between the liberal hypocrisy of the George Zimmerman case and the liberal hypocrisy of the James Edwards case, the young black murdering thug made it for us:

On July 15, days after the George Zimmerman verdict, Edwards tweeted “Ayeee I knocced out 5 woods since Zimmerman court!:) lol shit ima keep sleepin shit! #ayeeee.”

“Woods” is a derogatory term for white people.

And just where the hell ARE you hateful liberal hypocrites???

Crickets do an awful lot of chirping after all the race-hatred crimes of blacks against whites.  Until the next time that a black kid is the victim of a white (even if they have to invent categories such as “white Hispanic” to pull it off).  Then the bitter wailing and hate is echoed

Yeah, I’m “tired” too.  I’m tired of all the race pimps peddling their liberal fascist hate by making up lies to slander anybody who gets in the way of all their “stories” designed to frame innocent people.

[Note; I updated this article on August 21 upon learning that my original link to the “fourteen-year-old boy being shot by police” getting purged].

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8 Responses to “Three Black Thugs Viciously Beat White Boy: Where’s Obama And Sharpton And All The Race-Slandering Demagogues Now?”

  1. AKA John Galt Says:

    Reblogged this on U.S. Constitutional Free Press.

  2. Beeker D. Says:

    It was just like this 50 years ago in some areas of the U.S.A. Somethings never change `UNLESS IT GETS WORSE’!
    Well at least as a ‘WHITE PERSON’ back then you could defend yourself and fight back with out being called, ‘A RACIST’!
    Where is MS(bs)NBC and the other obamorons and libidiots of the media on this one? OOP’s sorry I forgot, If THEY look like an obama son or daughter IT DIDN’T HAPPEN!

  3. Shannon Piper Says:

    Mr. Eden seems to have a vile contempt for society itself. The seething, coarse, irrational and myopic vitriol he engages in to spread fear and loathing towards a group of persons he considers of one evil mind–liberals–of course– is stunning. Roping persons of an ideology into one group of “idiots, turds,” etc. is how we get to evil itself. The very diverse and complex species — homo sapien, according to Eden, includes one very bad but common type. It is the “lib-turd-idiot.” When people become one “bad” group you can easily identify and name–lib-turds– or nigs or spics or — ‘ insert insult here’– they cease being human and become a mass idea. Once you dehumanize them –it is easy to rationalize such things as murder and genocide of that “group.” I,e, interesting isn’t it –that Eden brings up the Holocaust quite often–mentioning it was in good part “socialists” who were responsible for it. Then, he equates liberals to socialists.

    “Projection” is a term used to describe this sort of inverted emotional stereotyping… by “projecting” we often ascribe what we are guilty of– or fear most deeply within ourselves– onto others we don’t understand and/or whom we fear. In fact, Mr. Eden’s writing seems to ooze fear. Fear and contempt come from within first before they can be projected outward. The fearful…in this case Eden.. is not inherently evil. But, he can be dangerous… Think about it: because he truly believes — has to believe — the hatred and contempt he feels for this “subspecies” he’s invented is valid, he’s convinced it’s justified. That is when it can and usually does lead to evil. “Jews are filthy Jesus-killers,” for example, becomes “eradicate Jews and you eradicate filth and save Jesus.” Lastly, dare I say I cannot help but feel sorry for Eden? Can anyone who hates so virulently and who projects his hatred so seemingly without self-awareness, onto persons no more real than ‘Super man’ or ‘Bogey man,’ be far from self-loathing? Where does such self-loathing come from?

    Another question: Why do black people beating up white people equal something any more newsworthy than white people beating up blacks or whites beating up whites or blacks beating up whites? I have no idea how this compares to the Zimmerman/Martin story? It sure doesn’t prove that “lib-turds” are racist against white people…err, exactly…. Take a camera into any city or suburb or rural area in America and snap photos of people doing crappy and violent things to one another. I’d wager big money you’d find that mean and stupid people will undoubtedly prove to have no overwhelming or even statistically relevant racial affiliation.

  4. Dog Walker Says:

    This text you have linked

    “We’ve got a new “racist” situation now, involving police who shot and killed a 14-year old black kid.”

    …doesn’t go anywhere. I wonder if the Media spiked it?

  5. Michael Eden Says:

    Dog Walker,

    It is a matter of routine that liberals report a story and then purge it as soon as they can. One of the reasons I wanted to keep this blog going was to actually POST enough of a story such that even when the libs purged their “reporting” there would still be something of a record.

    I’ll find a different link and even post a portion.

  6. Michael Eden Says:

    Shannon Piper,

    I always explain why I block people.

    When you asserted I used the word “turd,” I was slightly mortified. Because I had only very recently written an article stating that I was not going to do that sort of thing any more. In that article, I stated that I was going to stick to the TRUTH, versus saying something like “turd” when I can’t prove that liberals are entirely composed of fecal matter or “idiot” when in fact many liberals are in fact not intellectually stupid, but rather morally evil.

    I saw your statement,

    Roping persons of an ideology into one group of “idiots, turds,” etc. is how we get to evil itself

    and feared that it was possible that I could have unintentionally slipped into that old pattern. I didn’t think I could have done so so quickly after writing about how I wouldn’t do that, but realized that it at least conceivably could have happened.

    So I copied and pasted the article into a word file and entered the search term “turd.” And guess what? It wasn’t there!

    Because you lied about my saying it.

    Fwiw, the same is true of the word “idiot.” I did NOT use that term. You LIED when you asserted that I did. I DID use the word “moral idiocy,” but for the factual record, I ONLY did so in an update that I wrote well AFTER you wrote your dishonest comment. After I was informed that one of the links I cited had been purged. As the timeline in the comments shows.

    You literally lie about me twice right from the getgo, Shannon. You literally couldn’t write two sentences without resorting to lies and slander.

    “How we get to evil itself” begins with liars and their lies, Shannon.

    You illegitimately slandered me. And every single thing you say from the moment of your first abject lie is nothing but a distortion of your OWN rabid hate and intolerance.

    What is it about you that you believe you can dishonestly slander somebody even as you uphold yourself as self-righteously superior to the very person you are dishonestly slandering, Shannon?

    I’m not going to put up with a dishonest person who lies about what I write and then lectures me about the lies they just told about me.

    I’ve also got to point out the fact that you say all kinds of horrible things about me, Shannon, even as you demonize me for saying horrible things. What is wrong with your moral wiring that hypocrisy is such a quintessential component of your nature??? If it’s so wrong for me to do it, as you allege, THEN WHY DO YOU DO IT EVEN AS YOU DEMONIZE ME FOR DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING???

    Now, let’s again return to your words, “Roping persons of an ideology into one group of “idiots, turds,” etc. is how we get to evil itself.” And I said that evil comes from lies and the perversion of the truth. Let’s explore that a little more. In a recent article, I went into detail about how and why I would no longer use terms such as “idiots” and “turds.” And I have since stopped doing so. But did it matter? No. Because there are dishonest slanderers such as yourself out there who will simply manufacture whatever “fact” they want in order to deceive people. If I call people idiots and turds or if I DON’T call people idiots and turds, lying slanderers like you will ensure that it doesn’t make any difference. Evil began in the Garden with the devil planting lies. And you’ve taken up his work for him since.

    And, of course, your messiah Obama is a liar without any shame or any honor. Here’s a man who says if you want to keep your doctor you can keep your doctor, and if you want to keep your health plan, you’ll be able to keep your health plan. And even the damn liberal UNIONS who helped push ObamaCare down the throats of the American people are now saying that was a lie from hell. Obama assured the world that if Syria used WMDs they’d be crossing a “red line.” But in the dozen times since that Syria has used them, well, we now know that Obama lied to the world. And yesterday the Obama Administration came about as close as it possibly could to flat-out denying Obama even said anything about “red lines,” stating, ““I’m not talking about red lines. I’m not having a debate or conversation about red lines … I’m not setting red lines.” Just as Obama lied when he promised that justice would be done for the murder of our ambassador and other Americans in Benghazi and nobody and I mean NOBODY has been held accountable. And Obama rewarded the most thoroughly documented LIAR on the planet (that would be Susan Rice who literally told an abject lie on ALL FIVE national network political programs) with a cushy job to reward her for lying for him. Just as Obama went from saying that the IRS scandal in which hundreds of conservatives were clearly targeted for their political views would not stand to calling it a “phony scandal” without even having the decency to say WHAT the “phony scandals” he was referring to even WAS. Just as the Obama Administration has been caught red-handed in giant lie after giant lie over the illegal NSA surveillance of the American people. And we now know that the Obama Administration misled the FISA court. The FISA court says, “the volume and nature of the information [the Obama Administration] had been collecting is fundamentally different than what the court had been led to believe.” Then there’s the Nidal Hassan trial that’s going on to remind us that Obama dishonestly claimed that a jihadist who screamed “Allah Akbar” while he murdered American soldiers, carried business cards that said, “Soldier of Allah” and had been in contact with Al Qaeda was merely engaged in “workplace violence” rather than terrorism. Because just like Benghazi, the dishonest liar refused to allow the terrorist attacks that occurred under his watch to be called what they in fact were. And that’s just a FEW of his recent lies. This evil man is constantly changing his story, constantly changing his “facts.”

    My God, Shannon. Even the leftist New York SLIMES says that Obama has now “lost ALL CREDIBILITY”. And I put that in quotes because that’s what the New York Times directly says about Obama.

    How the hell can you have a meaningful debate or dialogue when the rules, the goalposts, the scrimmage markers and the playing field itself keeps getting changed again and again??? THAT’S where evil comes from. It comes from people who WILL NOT be accountable to the truth, and who keep perverting the truth in order to keep deceiving people into believing even MORE lies.

    We’ve got a society in which liberal racist race-baiters claimed that a man who fired a shot after getting his face beat in and his skull pounded was a racist for shooting the black thug who beat him. And these same people who created the label “white Hispanic” would have SCREAMED racism had anybody called Obama a “white Kenyan” because they are hypocrites. Your leftist media literally altered photos of George Zimmerman to falsely make him appear more white even as they keep showing pictures of a young Trayvon Martin rather than the thug he’d grown into. They altered the Zimmerman police call to deliberately falsely create the impression that Zimmerman was a racist when he didn’t say Martin was black until the dispatcher ASKED him to identify the suspect by race. You liars just made up every “fact” under the sun, just as you just did to me. And now there are TWO obvious race crimes committed by blacks against whites, and where the hell are all you race hypocrites???? THAT’S where evil comes from – it comes from people who think that they get to make up the rules and that none of the rules they make up should apply to themselves.

    People like you who peddle lies and circle your wagons around liars who demagogue lie after lies are the source of evil itself. Because truth becomes impossible when perverters like you are around to distort it.

    You can go peddle your lies and your distortions about me somewhere else, Shannon. I block documented liars such as you.

  7. Dog Walker Says:

    Definitely weird. You probably already saw this.

    Just saying…

  8. Michael Eden Says:

    Dog Walker,

    You DO know that facts are racist, don’t you?

    I mean, when you point out reality, you’re just being a damn racist.

    I was in Carl’s Jr. today. A black man walked in just ahead of me and headed to the back of the restaurant (not to the counter). I sat down at a table between the black guy and the counter and looked over my coupons for a few moments before getting up to order.

    As I was ordering, I noticed that the black guy had somehow got his hands on a cup. The Carl’s staff had turned off the soda machine and he wanted a “refill.” The Carl’s guy said he couldn’t give him one because he hadn’t purchased that cup. Given the fact that I was wondering how the guy had suddenly had that cup, I realized that he’d taken it from the trash at the rear of the restaurant area where he’d gone to.

    As the black guy is leaving, he shouts so that everybody in the place could hear to the Carl’s employee, “Go back to Mexico!” You see, because the Carl’s employee was Hispanic.

    Now, according to “facts,” that black guy was a) racist and b) a thief and c) an entitlement whore.

    But, like I said, facts are racist whenever said facts document what racists black people can be. “Facts” be damned. “Reality” be damned. Those things are racist.

    And the ONLY way you can NOT be racist is to kill as many brain cells as are necessary to believe that black people are incapable of being “racists” by defining “racism” in as idiotic a manner as is necessary in order to arrive at said predetermined conclusion.

    So get out the old miter saw, cut the top of your skull off, and just start scooping until you agree with Obama and Eric Holder. Then you won’t be a racist anymore.

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